Property Inventory Logistics can produce the following reports for you.

Inventory Report

Undertaken at the commencement  of a tenancy. A listing of all furnishings, fixtures, fittings, including a full description of the condition of the walls, ceilings, floor coverings, paintwork, light fittings, radiators, meter readings etc, together with a comprehensive portfolio of digital images.

Check-out Report

A report prepared at the end of the tenancy, describing changes to the property since the initial inventory report was completed. This report will highlight any material changes enabling the landlord, or his agent, to decide whether any damage or required cleaning, is attributable to the tenant or to the landlord (ie fair wear and tear or maintenance).


We will, if requested, attend a property and go through the prepared inventory report with the incoming tenant and get them to sign off on the condition and the contents of the property.

Mid-term Check

A report to give managing agents / landlords a comprehensive view of the condition of the property during the course of a tenancy. We will act as an unbiased third party and will provide our opinion of the condition of a property and its contents at a given point in time.