Detailed below are  some of the benefits of using PI Logistics to provide your inventory reports.

  • Our reports are totally independent.
  • Time released to your staff to concentrate on your core business of property rental.
  • We take the time to produce a  comprehensive report with sufficient detail to minimise disputes at the beginning and the end of the tenancy.
  • We take digital photographs in your property including those that highlight any obvious damage. While not suffient evidence alone, photographs can enhance comments in the reports in relation to any disputes which may arise in the future. 

Contact us

Our office is open from 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday. Messages left outside normal business hours will be dealt with promptly.

Friendly approachable staff

Our staff are our most important asset. They are well trained and keen to develop a strong working relationship with your company.

Turnaround Time

Our standard reports are emailed to clients within two business days of the visit being undertaken. 

Excellent selling tool 

Tenants have a greater comfort factor entering into a lease with a company that demonstrates its fairness by using a totally independent company to produce the documentation and reports that form the basis of their contracts.